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About Andre Provencal- Founder of MidHill IronWorks

Andre Provencal is the founder and creator of MidHill Ironworks. With over 21 years of experience and a machinist by nature, Andre founded MidHill IronWorks with the idea of quality in mind- bringing forth his passion of machining through his product designs and concepts.

A little bit about Andre and his History

Andre was born in Princeton, Massachusetts in 1973. Moved to Hubbardston, Massachusetts in 1975 and has resided there to present day. At the age of twelve, Andre began working for Curtsey Farm (A dairy farm located in Central Massachusetts) and the Curtis Family for eighteen years. In those eighteen years; Andre learned the value of a good days work.

In 1988, Andre attended Montachusett Regional Vocational School in the Electronics trade with intent to combine electronic knowledge with his father’s machining background and enter into the robotics field. After spending two years on Co-op with Programmed Test Sources Inc. in Littleton, MA; building satellite to ground communication components. Andre found that he enjoyed working with the mechanical industry and pursed a job in the machining field; in which he remained employed for 21 years with two of the most predominant shops in Central Ma. In that time; he took advantage of many hours of schooling and on the job training pertaining to lathe operation, milling machine operation, CNC technology, surface grinding, CAD CAM systems, geometric tolerancing, blueprint reading, customary fits, jig and fixturing, exotic repair and design of structural components.

Andre is a dedicated individual who believe in the power of local businesses; both small and large. He not only choses to support these businesses; but also supports the American economy by manufacturing and utilizing American made vendors and products. From the machines to the companies producing the items; all the way up to the delivery and shipment; everything from MidHill IronWorks is American Made and proud.


Number of Customers

Andre’s customers range from Atlanta GA, Norfolk VA, Montgomeryville PA, Chicago IL, Anaheim CA, Anchorage AL, Vancouver Canada, Datyon OH, Skowhegan ME and many points in between.

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 Welcome to the Mid Hill Ironworks Family

With over twenty years of industry experience Mid Hill Iron Works offers the very best in mechanical contracting services.

Andre Provencal, founder of Mid Hill ironworks; is a Machinist by trade and career. With The unique metal signs from Mid Hill Iron Works are individually cut from steel and powder coated for exceptional durability.

You will find Mid Hill Iron Works at your local craft fair. Keep checking for our 2015 calendar of events.